TeePlates Themer

Printfection customization just got a whole lot easier

Completely customize your printfection store without ever learning or writing a single line of CSS. It's like having a CSS paintbrush ready and waiting for your artistic touch.

Themer Video Tutorials

To help you on your way with TeePlates Themer, we have created a number of video tutorials that guide you through the various steps required to create, install, edit and share your theme.


Introduction MovieWhat is TeePlates Themer and how can it help you to customize your Printfection Store with the greatest of ease. Watch Video

Create a Printfection Theme

Create TutorialCreating a Printfection Theme with TeePlates Themer is a simple experience using the TeePlates Themer Design Tool. Watch Video

Save a Theme

Save TutorialOnce you have created your theme, save it for leter editing or share it for the Themer community. Click save and enter the details.Watch Video

Edit a Printfection Theme

Edit TutorialYou can always make later changes to your theme using TeePlate Themer's edit capability. Watch Video

Install a Printfection Theme

Install TutorialTeePlates Themer creates all the CSS that you need. Use it with the Printfection Sandbox template. This shows you how to install your theme. Watch Video

Using Background Images

Images TutorialYou can take your theme design further with the use of background images.Watch Video

Understanding Padding

Create MovieSetting padding in your theme is a very useful way to create space and alter positioning. Watch Video

Have a play around !!

Create MovieThe best way to learn what is possible, is to get in and play around. Go for it. Watch Video

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