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Themer is constantly evolving and growing. Check here regularly to find out about new features and other goings on.

Improved Typography and Fonts

You now have even more choices when it comes to choosing fonts for your theme. Browser support and fonts can be a little bit of a challege, so we've added more fonts that are common on both Windows and Mac (90%+), so you should be pretty safe.

Try a few of the fancier ones like Tahoma, Century Gothic and Arial Black for a more interesting look.

29.06.2008. 00:21

Import your store for a richer experience

Following on from being able to have a custom image shown as your logo whilst designing, you can now have your logo, sections and left hand menu shown in the designer. On the body tab of the designer, enter your store url without the "http://www.printfection.com/" and click the import button. Of course, this is only for CSS design purposes only and will not have any impact on your stores section setup. This is still managed from your Printfection account.

This is a feature for Firefox and Safari users only (sorry, IE fans, IE just can't cope).

28.06.2008. 20:20

Kick start your theme with the Randomizer

Sometimes you know what color scheme you want and other times you don't.

To help you get started, we have put in a new "randomize" button in the body tab of the designer. Each time you press it, a new background color will be applied to each area of the store.

Click it a few times, you might just end up with something unusual but nice.

28.06.2008. 08:33

Use your own logo in the designer

You can now make your Printfection store design efforts even easier. You can now have your own store's logo shown in the header.

On the header tab, there is now a box on the right hand side for you to enter the URL for the image you wish to use. This will have no impact on your actual store, but will allow you to design your header with as much accuracy as possible.

28.06.2008. 08:21

Welcome to TeePlates Themer Blog and News

TeePlates Themer is constantly evolving with new features being added all the time. This will be the place where those new featurea as well as some handy hints and tutorials will be announced.

28.06.2008. 07:21

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