TeePlates Themer

Printfection customization just got a whole lot easier

Completely customize your printfection store without ever learning or writing a single line of CSS. It's like having a CSS paintbrush ready and waiting for your artistic touch.

About TeePlates Themer

TeePlates was born from a desire to provide Printfection store holders with the best looking stores available in the Print on Demand premium store world. Themer is an extension of this desire, giving people a free to use, powerful tool to give them full control over ther stores appearance with out needing to know any web development techniques.

Part of our goal is to also create a community of theme designers who work together to create the webs largest collection of Printfection themes.

TeePlates Themer System Requirements

TeePlates Themer has been tested on a wide range of platforms and is OK to use on most modern browsers including Mozila / Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. The store designer makes significant use of Javascript, therefore you will require Javascript support to be enabled in your browser. The community published themes can be accessed without Javascript enabled.

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